Information for Families

We at Easymove acknowledge the important role played by family members as we guide seniors through the often complex downsizing process.

We welcome the participation of these key stakeholders at all stages, commencing with the initial consultation meeting where our service delivery model is explained and an assessment of individual clients’ needs is carried out.
Then, as we assist with the selling of the family home, all parties are kept informed. Similarly, when helping the client to find a downsizing property that suits their financial and lifestyle needs, we welcome the support of family members.

Realising that, while family members want to be actively involved in this important process, they are often extremely busy themselves, so working in partnership with Easymove, they can be confident that we will:

  • Provide expert assistance to our clients, caring for their asset in an exceptional way;
  • Support their move from a “traditional” to a retirement style home, be it a strata apartment, retirement village or, if necessary, to an aged care facility;
  • Provide high levels of support, care and empathy for all parties involved in the transition decisions;
  • Source the “right” buyers for the property, with timelines paced to suit individual clients’ needs;
  • Maintain enduring communication, aimed at minimizing emotional pressures which may be experienced by all stakeholders throughout the relocation process.

At the same time, our Specialist Easymove staff work closely with our carefully selected Alliance Partners, a team of senior-focused professionals, who embrace the supportive intent of Easymove and who:

  • Are able to provide our clients with accommodating payment options aligning with the negotiated settlement dates, removing the pressure of funding work up front;
  • Are drawn from a variety of sectors that families may choose to utilize in order that the best possible sales outcome is achieved and include:
    • Solicitors and conveyancers, including members of the legal fraternity skilled in family mediation and elder law
    • Financial Advisors
    • Property makeover specialists and stylists
    • Trade contractors for all services
    • Yard and garden contractors
    • Cleaners
    • Removalists and storage contractors
    • Service and utility connection and disconnection facilitators

The genuine commitment by the Alliance Partners to teamwork and support of each other and PRD Easymove staff extends to a support of all family members involved in the downsizing process – EASYMOVE PROPERTY CAN DO IT ALL!!